Sunday, March 11, 2012

Unity and Separation

Sunday Service Discussion Notes for March 4 and March 11, 2012

For two Sundays we discussed the themes of Unity and Separation.

Each of us has a different perspective on what Unity or Oneness means to us. We talked about how in order to understand Oneness, we must each experience Separation, so that the two may be contrasted against each other and we may be able to differentiate, and understand when we are experiencing one or the other. In other words, to know that you are in harmony, you must experience dis-harmony; tumultuous times.

Oneness could be a state of mind that makes you "hum" in tune with the Universe. Each of us has a different vibration to our "hum" which would not be possible without Separation from each other. So Oneness and Separation are two necessary sides of the same coin.

Oneness is the metaphorical tapestry of the Universe, in which each of us is one thread. We are all part of the great One, and a little tug on any one of our threads can affect changes in other parts of the tapestry, but we each are still a single thread, different from our neighbor, which is Separation.

Separation, we discussed, makes it harder to connect to others, to our community, and spiritually. We find conflicts between what we see, feel, and hear.

We talked about today's world of myriad choices.The multitude of options can make it hard to find a simple and direct path to walk. Even among religious organizations, there are so many competing philosophies and denominations, each proclaiming that they are they best, the One, and The Only One that is true. This can lead to confusion as we are faced with even more choices.

In the new Information Age, the profusion of communication technology can be overwhelming. We each have to use these new media in a way that is best for us individually (Separation). Some of us may feel constantly bombarded with news (most of it bad), advertisements, and all sorts of other information coming at us fast and furious, and may find that it helps us connect to the One to regulate the incoming tide of information by turning off the TV or internet. Others of us may feel that we can best utilize our new technology to connect on a more frequent basis with friends and loved ones that we might not otherwise get to see or talk to very often, or we feel connected to the larger world by keeping abreast of current events in the new global community that the internet has brought us.

How do we get around this feeling of Separation so that we may be aware of Unity? Use what is inside of you, to know how to use what is outside of you. Use your environment in a way the feels right for you. What works for your neighbor may not be effective or helpful for you at all. We discussed the phrase, "All paths lead to Mecca." Find friends that share your interests and views, people you can help, and people who can help you. This gives you purpose and satisfies your quest for knowledge and growth. In your community, pay attention: there are neighbors your soul gravitates toward - get to know them.

Spiritually, find what feels right to you from what is available in the world. The Universe will align and move you in the direction you are supposed to go.

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