Sunday, March 18, 2012


Excerpt from Celebration of UMS and Life 1968 to 1988

The Universal Cross
"THE UNIVERSAL MIND SCIENCE CHURCH was founded August 22, 1968 by REV. DAMIEN SIMPSON to promote spiritual unfoldment and its comprehension.

UMS is non-denominational and is open to people of all faiths and creeds. It embraces specifically those who are spiritually lost or dissatisfied with contemporary religions.

The guiding philosophy behind the establishment of UMS is very simple: "LOVE AND LIFT." The center is a home to all who enter, whether it be a busy and successful doctor, the unemployed, the parent, or the teenager. The loved, the loving, the unloved, the unloving: each is welcomed at UMS which endeavors to correlate all religious teachings and sciences in an atmosphere of trust and truth for self-unfoldment. Each is encouraged to express his higher self, while tolerance and understanding is shown for that which he is.

At UMS we take a long, hard look at ourselves: our fears, prejudices, worries, limitations: all of the negative qualities which entrap us mentally and spiritually. We learn we must not blame anyone except ourselves - our own thinking - for the conditions of our lives. We learn to handle Truth - and Truth can hurt before it sets us free.

We discard the habits of accusing, judging, condemning our fellow man (and ourselves) - and learn the lessons of acceptance, understanding and forgiveness.

We say goodbye to a wrathful, vengeful God - and discover a God whose pleasure it is to "give us the Kingdom". We find that God is alive and well and living in one another. We not only believe in God: we experience Him.

We accept certain paranormal beliefs such as ESP, astrology, faith healing and other physic sciences. We don't make a religion of them, but utilize them and are delighted that scientific laboratories are now confirming what mystics and Masters have been teaching for centuries.

We believe our church is unique. We don't try to convert anyone and welcome people of all races and creeds. Our only wish is to help you expand your consciousness until you understand the eternal Truth behind all great religions and to promote the growth and understanding of oneself. "We are not here to see through people. We are here to see them through."

From all the religions, take the fire and leave the ashes. We are indeed part of the New Age Movement. We are just older than most who are now finding and enjoying the fruits of Our labor. We feel a special calling to show the function of the Church and the Spirit in this New Age."

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