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UMS Founder on "FAITH"

Sunday, October28th, we begin a discussion on the topic of Faith. If you'd like some food for thought on this subject, below you can read the chapter on Faith from Perceptions, a book written by UMS founder Damien Simpson.


"So much of us is so often in despair that we do not see what's coming in, only what's going out."

 A belief in things unseen. Faith is your own belief system realized. By your faith, you are made whole. A man of faith knows little of fear, a lot of hope, possibilities; therefore he is more loving. Being more loving works a different law of attraction for it attracts loving people, not lonely desperate beings. Be of good faith.

So many of us see and give our undivided attention to what is leaving our life; what we have lost, could lose and never replace. So much of us is so often in despair that we do not see what's coming in, only what's going out.

One of my favorite spots on this beautiful planet is a pond on a ranch. It is a rather big pond, if you will. It holds a great deal of water. The ducks live on it, the swans glide on it, guests swim in it. A lot of life. The best part is I had it built, for I always wanted a little lake - big pond.

As I stand and watch this dream come true, I see all the water going out of the little lake, and then I look and see all the water flowing from our stream into the lake. What is leaving is because of what is coming into it. Energy rushes to fill a void. Some people have no faith. They are FULL of emptiness. If I didn't let the water flow out, we would be flooded. If I don't let the water flow in, the lake will be empty.

I'm not talking about what I'm talking about.

Anxiety is a lack of faith; faith is a lack of anxiety. We can pray, believe and receive; or pray, doubt and do without.

Let me tell you a little story told to me by my first teacher. A woman reading the Scripture is moved by the words, "If you had the faith of a mustard seed, you could move a mountain into the sea." She thought these were holy words and faith could do all things.

While reflecting, somewhat EUPHORIC, out her garden window, she noticed the pile of leaves she had raked together earlier in the day. Thinking of the Scripture, the words so fresh and strong, as if looking for a chance to be proven or expressed, she thought, "If faith can move mountains, then I believe I can move that pile of leaves." She went to bed that night with faith that the leaves would be gone. When she woke in the morning, she rushed to her garden window. With a sigh she said, "Just as I thought, they're still there."

It's written that as a man believeth in his heart, so it is with him.

I remember asking the late Bucky Fuller if he believed in God. He answered me rather strongly, if not disgustedly, "NO, I do not believe in God!" Gosh, my heart sank as if my faith depended on this man's genius, his 48 honorary Doctorate Degrees. To me, if he said, "Yes", I'd get a boost in faith to lift me high enough to see it for myself. After a slight pause, his voice said in a firm, unconditional tone, "I know there is a God." (Thanks from all of us, Bucky.)

I learned this lesson that day. When you believe something is true, you no longer need to believe it. You act upon it! There are no words, no actions that will convince you of a truth you do not want to believe.

Have Faith:

The will of God will not lead where the grace of God cannot keep you.

UMS Founder, Damien Simpson

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